May 182011

Being a full-time mom is tough. Being a full-time mom living too close to your parents is even tougher. Kids, mom wants to tell you the hardship I go through everyday. The cycle repeats itself EVERYDAY. It is never-ending.

Your grandparents want you to stay at their place, but mom wants you both to be with me. Grandparents want you both to be there to watch TV and play with toys EVERYDAY. Mommy wants you both to be home to do some other stuff, like chatting with mom, reading books and playing toys and games (well, TV will still be on for short periods of time, but not ALL day like your grandparents’ place). This constant battle is driving me nuts. We fight over when you guys stay where MOST of the time. I am getting very frustrated and very tired. Your grandparents don’t seem to respect my rights as a mom. But at the same time, they expect me to respect their rights as grandparents. This is craziness! What can I do? Kids, please help me!

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May 162011

Enough of the training wheels. It was time to take the challenge one step further. Roy was not exactly sure if he wanted to go onto a bicycle. But we insisted. We thought he is old enough to try a real bike. Bye bye training wheels!

I wasn’t there for him on the first day, coz I didn’t even know he was trying the bike out with the care-giver, without letting me know. But I participated on the second day of the training. It was fun to watch. The little one was eager but a bit anxious. He wasn’t sure but wanted to give it a try. He wanted to know if he could do it, yet at the same time kept checking to see if dad was still holding his bike seat. All the mixed feelings made the scene so…I don’t even know how to describe it in words. When he almost succeeded, I found myself shedding tears of joy.

Bye bye training wheels, bye bye baby Roy!

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May 062011

It has been way too long since I wrote my last blog. I have been lazy, I have to admit. But I have determined to update this blog a lot more often. I want this blog to be part of my diaries and memoirs for my friends and my family!

To myself: happy writing!

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May 162010

上次提到,Phu Quoc個resort正到痺,咁有冇D唔好嘅地方呢?答案係「有」!

首先,Phu Quoc仲未好旺,D人唔係個個識英文,酒店唔會有問題,但出外就可能有D「騎呢」,呢樣要留意。又因為呢道仲未好旺,nightlife欠奉,喜歡夜蒲的你要想清楚。但又因為呢道仲未好旺,你係可以好寧靜咁﹑認真咁渡假。另外,個島到今日都只係有三﹑四條鋪好了的馬路,有D resort或hotel外面仲係爛路﹑石仔路,你可能會唔鍾意。亦因為路唔好,用「綿羊仔」代步十分普遍。125cc以下,唔需要車牌都可以租用,可以好好玩,但又可以好危險,意外時有發生。所以,請留意自己的駕駛技術,免得樂極生悲。

我們住的Mango Bay resort,非常接近大自然,所有住宿都是背靠樹林,面向大海,每一日都有靚到令你唔捨得走嘅日落。但係,咁接近大自然就自然會有好多機會見到蛇蟲鼠蟻。我地就見到蛇﹑青蛙﹑好大嘅壁虎(真係好大,正名好似係蛤蚧),有D置身National Geographic現場嘅感覺,好驚,但又好刺激。仲有,呢道未有你熟悉的大型五星酒店提供,如果你要high end的酒店服務,遲多幾年啦。但我反而覺得呢D resort就好有特色,可以一試。

May 112010


目的地係Phu Quoc,一個位於越南西南方的大島。朋友介紹話「水清沙幼,椰林樹影,世外桃園」。咁就要去見識吓啦。

從香港屋企出發到resort,一共用了八小時。一到埗就見到好藍嘅天,好綠嘅海,「嘩」咗出聲,正!我地嘅住宿,係bungalow,自己獨立一間茅廬,正!洗手間在外,類似花園的地方,正!再行五分鐘就到resort嘅私人沙灘,正!resort嘅restaurant向西,無敵sunset,正!洗完頭,海風吹乾D頭髮,雖然有D咸,但真係好正!唔洗出外,已經可以好舒服,正!真係有D世外桃園 feel 。