May 092010

This is my 5th or 6th visit to Vietnam in the past 12 years. For the past few times, I always stayed in Ho Chi Minh City, and I would say I didn’t have big problems accessing the internet. My last visit was four years ago and I only needed to check emails and surf for news. So, I didn’t encounter much problems back then.

This time around, I stayed in a resort on an island called Phu Quoc. There was free WiFi access in the resort. However, the speed was extremely slow, and the connectivity was very bad. I would go onto Yahoo! Hong Kong, and it would only load the main page successfully (after a good few minutes). The connection would then be terminated as soon as I tried to access the other pages on Yahoo!

To give you a better idea, I will give you a few examples. First, facebook is blocked in here (Yes! To many people, this is the end of the world). My access to Gmail was intermitten. I could not access google search Hong Kong. Every time I did a search, the results were all returned in Google Vietnam, all in Vietnamese, not much help there for me.

Frustrating it might be, the nice thing is that I HAVE TO enjoy the resort life in here with no other options. But I thought I would write a blog about this for everyone. The good thing is that I can still access my humble blog from here today. Hurray!

Apr 092010

It is good to know that more and more people are declining shark’s fins soup. Instead, people are now turning to fish maw and bird’s nests. Both of these Chinese delicacies are believed to be rich in nutrients. Let me talk about fish maw in here.

Simply put, fish maw is the dried gas bladder in larger fish. Chinese usually (right, usually, there are always exception) do not consume the gas bladder as is. The gas bladders are usually deep fried or dried. Since I am not a big fan of deep fried food, I always go for the dried ones. In addition, fish maws are believed to be a rich source of collagen. So, it is especially good for women and unborn babies in pregnant women.

One fact you have to consider is that many parts of the ocean today is contaminated with heavy metal. There is the fear that we might come across heavy metal fish maw. So, some people are concerned that consuming fish maw will lead to fatal consequences. I would like to think of the whole thing this way: in today’s world, there is pollution all around us. Everything, including the air we breathe and the water we drink, is contaminated to a certain extent. As long as we don’t over-consume anything, we should be in good shape.

Feb 282010

一個普通不過的動作  – ‘R’ 背脊,令我今日sweet咗成日。

上午,同兩隻小豬玩緊,大豬同我講話背脊好痕,要我幫佢’R'吓。佢皮膚比較乾,好多時都會話痕,但通常會自己’R',又或者我會叫佢搽D cream,都會好D。今日我都有叫佢搽 cream,但佢叫我幫佢’R',no problem!

‘R’ ‘R’ 吓佢話好舒服,唔俾我「收手」。佢原本係「立正」俾我’R',但我舉手舉到有D攰,就叫佢趴在我腳上。佢一趴,就趴咗成十分鐘。全程話好舒服,不停甜笑,又叫我’R'到100下先停,仲約我再’R'。好久冇同D豬仔咁close,sweet 到漏油。


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Feb 202010

在香港這大城市裡生活,好容易有呢個錯覺:錢 ,真係萬能嫁!








仲有,當你富貴時,親戚D面口好D嫁 。但當你閉翳時,佢地個樣仲閉翳過你,慌死會問佢借咁。


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Feb 052010

又名「冧樓」。 最近應該冇香港人唔識嘅中文字。就是係唔識中文字,只得四歲的仔仔,見到報紙、雜誌上的相片,都會大叫,「媽媽、冧樓呀!」