Mar 132010

I have recently attended this Yahoo! SEM seminar held by Yahoo! and AsiaPac.

For those of you who do not know what SEM stands for, it is Search Engine Marketing. These are the ads that show up on your search results – ADs, not the search result part. For example, after searching for something on Yahoo!, you will see these search results highlighted at the top as well as the right side of the first result page. These are ads. I will talk more about this in my future blogs.

The Yahoo! SEM seminar was quite well organized. The turn out was great. There were about 80 attendees, and many of them are knowledgeable about the topics presented. The seminar was divided into four parts – how the internet opens up new marketing channels for all kinds of businesses; what SEM is; SEO vs. SEM; and how to design a good website.

The speaker who did the presentation on SEO vs SEM was very good. He was able to put those SEO and SEM difficult terms and concepts into layman terms. And for the lady speaker who talked about how to design a good website, the contents were also very interesting.

The attendees of this seminar were also amazing. Many people were paying good attention (you can tell when they were able to answer difficult questions raised be the speakers). And they have also asked many insightful questions asked.

Overall, this Yahoo! SEM semiar was a pleasure to attend. I learnt a few things from the speakers and the attendees. I will talk about the details in my next blogs.

Dec 062009

Are you a blogger or a professional writer (for the digital media)? Actually, there are slight differences between the two. I do both myself. Let me make an attempt to distinguish the two.

When we blog, we usually talk about things that are of interests to us, and we want to share our interests with the world. As well, we will post pictures of ourselves or of the things that interest us or our readers. So, to the majority of the population, blogging is a leisure activities. Bloggers may write for fun, or may write when they feel like; and bloggers usually do not target a certain group of readers. (Well, there is more to blogging to certain professionals, I will leave that out for the time being). There are no specified length on blogs. It is totally up to the bloggers how much they want to write. Readers are encouraged to leave comments for the bloggers. Chances are your blogs would receive real readers and they might also become followers / fans of your blogs. Some bloggers would even turn into writers!

The professional writers, which I refer to as writers in the digital media, are writers who get paid to write. They may work full- or part-time. They may be freelancers, or they may go through agents. Different from blogging, they don’t write to show their personal interests or tastes – they don’t write for fun. Instead, they will write for someone else, like promoting new products, or new company services, etc. And when the professional writers write, they will target their articles to certain audience (be it search engines or real readers surfing the internet). The writing will be limited in length since the writings have to capture the audience in limited amount of space or time. There is limited to no interaction between the writers and the readers. Please also note that these writers may have to start writing for free, until they get their reputation established.

I am working on both at the moment. And obviously, I don’t get paid to write professionally, since I have not got my name out there yet. Nevertheless, I will work hard on this direction. I love writing – both blogging and professional writing. They are very different and both enjoyable!