May 182011

Being a full-time mom is tough. Being a full-time mom living too close to your parents is even tougher. Kids, mom wants to tell you the hardship I go through everyday. The cycle repeats itself EVERYDAY. It is never-ending.

Your grandparents want you to stay at their place, but mom wants you both to be with me. Grandparents want you both to be there to watch TV and play with toys EVERYDAY. Mommy wants you both to be home to do some other stuff, like chatting with mom, reading books and playing toys and games (well, TV will still be on for short periods of time, but not ALL day like your grandparents’ place). This constant battle is driving me nuts. We fight over when you guys stay where MOST of the time. I am getting very frustrated and very tired. Your grandparents don’t seem to respect my rights as a mom. But at the same time, they expect me to respect their rights as grandparents. This is craziness! What can I do? Kids, please help me!

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May 112010


目的地係Phu Quoc,一個位於越南西南方的大島。朋友介紹話「水清沙幼,椰林樹影,世外桃園」。咁就要去見識吓啦。

從香港屋企出發到resort,一共用了八小時。一到埗就見到好藍嘅天,好綠嘅海,「嘩」咗出聲,正!我地嘅住宿,係bungalow,自己獨立一間茅廬,正!洗手間在外,類似花園的地方,正!再行五分鐘就到resort嘅私人沙灘,正!resort嘅restaurant向西,無敵sunset,正!洗完頭,海風吹乾D頭髮,雖然有D咸,但真係好正!唔洗出外,已經可以好舒服,正!真係有D世外桃園 feel 。


May 092010






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May 092010

This is my 5th or 6th visit to Vietnam in the past 12 years. For the past few times, I always stayed in Ho Chi Minh City, and I would say I didn’t have big problems accessing the internet. My last visit was four years ago and I only needed to check emails and surf for news. So, I didn’t encounter much problems back then.

This time around, I stayed in a resort on an island called Phu Quoc. There was free WiFi access in the resort. However, the speed was extremely slow, and the connectivity was very bad. I would go onto Yahoo! Hong Kong, and it would only load the main page successfully (after a good few minutes). The connection would then be terminated as soon as I tried to access the other pages on Yahoo!

To give you a better idea, I will give you a few examples. First, facebook is blocked in here (Yes! To many people, this is the end of the world). My access to Gmail was intermitten. I could not access google search Hong Kong. Every time I did a search, the results were all returned in Google Vietnam, all in Vietnamese, not much help there for me.

Frustrating it might be, the nice thing is that I HAVE TO enjoy the resort life in here with no other options. But I thought I would write a blog about this for everyone. The good thing is that I can still access my humble blog from here today. Hurray!

Apr 092010

It is good to know that more and more people are declining shark’s fins soup. Instead, people are now turning to fish maw and bird’s nests. Both of these Chinese delicacies are believed to be rich in nutrients. Let me talk about fish maw in here.

Simply put, fish maw is the dried gas bladder in larger fish. Chinese usually (right, usually, there are always exception) do not consume the gas bladder as is. The gas bladders are usually deep fried or dried. Since I am not a big fan of deep fried food, I always go for the dried ones. In addition, fish maws are believed to be a rich source of collagen. So, it is especially good for women and unborn babies in pregnant women.

One fact you have to consider is that many parts of the ocean today is contaminated with heavy metal. There is the fear that we might come across heavy metal fish maw. So, some people are concerned that consuming fish maw will lead to fatal consequences. I would like to think of the whole thing this way: in today’s world, there is pollution all around us. Everything, including the air we breathe and the water we drink, is contaminated to a certain extent. As long as we don’t over-consume anything, we should be in good shape.