Feb 282010

一個普通不過的動作  – ‘R’ 背脊,令我今日sweet咗成日。

上午,同兩隻小豬玩緊,大豬同我講話背脊好痕,要我幫佢’R'吓。佢皮膚比較乾,好多時都會話痕,但通常會自己’R',又或者我會叫佢搽D cream,都會好D。今日我都有叫佢搽 cream,但佢叫我幫佢’R',no problem!

‘R’ ‘R’ 吓佢話好舒服,唔俾我「收手」。佢原本係「立正」俾我’R',但我舉手舉到有D攰,就叫佢趴在我腳上。佢一趴,就趴咗成十分鐘。全程話好舒服,不停甜笑,又叫我’R'到100下先停,仲約我再’R'。好久冇同D豬仔咁close,sweet 到漏油。


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Feb 282010

One of the problems moms-to-be face is their skins. Our faces may look dull or oily due to horomonal changes. Also, our skins may become itchy and dry. So what should we do?

What I did was I switched to organic products, completely. Most of the cosmetic products are safe for pregnant women. However, I just want to be on the safe side, since organic products are free from harmful chemicals. This is also because one of the major concerns that pregnant women has is skincare products penetrating into our skins. So, please take the following advices:

1. If your skin is free from problems, congratulations! You can pretty much stay with your usual skincare products if you don’t feel like switching and you are certain that the products you use are not harmful to the unborn babies.

2. If your skis in oily and getting an unusual amount of acne, do not attempt treatments at home by yourself. Go talk to your OB or a dermatologist and explain your problems. They will be able to help.

3. Whatever treatment you are to receive for your skin, make sure there is no retinols (a type of vitamin A) that are considered by some experts not suitable to moms-to-be as the substance can be harmful to the unborn child – remember, they penetrate!

4. As our skin stretches, it tends to get itchy, especially around our lovely bellies. Many will use lotions or moisturizers that are safe for the unborn children. What I used was just olive oil everyday after I showered. After patting myself dry, I put some olive oil on areas that tended to get itchy – the belly and the bottom. Yes! Olive oil, as simple as that! I am proud to tell you that it worked magic. I only have the slightest trace of stretch marks, they are hardly noticeable. Try it!

5. Always use sunblock – this is extremely important in preventing melasma – they are brown patches on our faces due to the combination of sun exposure and hormonal changes. Trust me, they do occur, no matter how hard you try. So, do your best to minimize their amount.

If you run into serious trouble, don’t hesitate to let you doctor know. They are always there to help.

Oct 162009

There has been countless debates on this topic. What side are you on? I want to share my recent experience with you on this necessary evil.

Many parents are against having their kids vaccinated. Some of the problems include preservatives in the vaccines; vaccines not exactly up-to-date; side effects of shots, etc. I am aware of these problems myself. However, I still have my young kids getting the shots once a year. Parents should note that getting the shot does not mean your kids are totally immune to all kinds of flu. Each seasonal injection contains up to five viruses. The number of flu viruses in the world greatly exceeds this number. So, why take the shots?

Here’s why:
1. The flu shot will help kids fight against the more common flu viruses.
2. Should your kids catch a flu, those who have been vaccinated would have a lesser chance of getting side-effects.
3. When you kid did catch a flu, he wouldn’t suffer as much.
Trust me on the last point! My older boy did not get the shot this year, but my younger boy did (no, it was not an experiment, it was only a timing issue). During this past week, my older boy caught a severe flu, and he got infection to his throat and his right ear. He had high fever (about 39.5 degree Celsius) for two days. He just started to recover his voice after losing it for six days. On the other hand, my younger one also caught the same flu (I did not quarantine him from his older brother). His symptoms were not as severe. He is still very playful and having not too bad of a time.

So, my conclusion? Get seasonal flu shots for your infant and toddler kids.

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Oct 012009

Sheep Skin Handbag - Grey


Material: Sheep skin

Colour: Light Grey

Lining: Full lining with a inside pouch for your cell phones and wallets

Chain: Aluminum (aluminium) – 25cm clearance to give you comfort when wearing the bag on your shoulder

Zipper: bronze zipper opens fully to allow easy access

Dimension: it is in the shape of a trapezium. With top 21cm long widens to 30cm at the bottom.  Depth: 18cm. Width: 10cm

Craftsman – Steve (yes, my husband)

Please vote Yes if you like it; or No if you don’t like it by typing your vote in the Message Box below and hit the POST button. Thanks.

May 192009

This blogging thing is so sophisticated. I am learning something new everything. But there is still a lot to learn…trying to stay afloat is already hard enough… a long way to go.

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