May 162011

Enough of the training wheels. It was time to take the challenge one step further. Roy was not exactly sure if he wanted to go onto a bicycle. But we insisted. We thought he is old enough to try a real bike. Bye bye training wheels!

I wasn’t there for him on the first day, coz I didn’t even know he was trying the bike out with the care-giver, without letting me know. But I participated on the second day of the training. It was fun to watch. The little one was eager but a bit anxious. He wasn’t sure but wanted to give it a try. He wanted to know if he could do it, yet at the same time kept checking to see if dad was still holding his bike seat. All the mixed feelings made the scene so…I don’t even know how to describe it in words. When he almost succeeded, I found myself shedding tears of joy.

Bye bye training wheels, bye bye baby Roy!

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