May 182011

Being a full-time mom is tough. Being a full-time mom living too close to your parents is even tougher. Kids, mom wants to tell you the hardship I go through everyday. The cycle repeats itself EVERYDAY. It is never-ending.

Your grandparents want you to stay at their place, but mom wants you both to be with me. Grandparents want you both to be there to watch TV and play with toys EVERYDAY. Mommy wants you both to be home to do some other stuff, like chatting with mom, reading books and playing toys and games (well, TV will still be on for short periods of time, but not ALL day like your grandparents’ place). This constant battle is driving me nuts. We fight over when you guys stay where MOST of the time. I am getting very frustrated and very tired. Your grandparents don’t seem to respect my rights as a mom. But at the same time, they expect me to respect their rights as grandparents. This is craziness! What can I do? Kids, please help me!

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