May 162010

上次提到,Phu Quoc個resort正到痺,咁有冇D唔好嘅地方呢?答案係「有」!

首先,Phu Quoc仲未好旺,D人唔係個個識英文,酒店唔會有問題,但出外就可能有D「騎呢」,呢樣要留意。又因為呢道仲未好旺,nightlife欠奉,喜歡夜蒲的你要想清楚。但又因為呢道仲未好旺,你係可以好寧靜咁﹑認真咁渡假。另外,個島到今日都只係有三﹑四條鋪好了的馬路,有D resort或hotel外面仲係爛路﹑石仔路,你可能會唔鍾意。亦因為路唔好,用「綿羊仔」代步十分普遍。125cc以下,唔需要車牌都可以租用,可以好好玩,但又可以好危險,意外時有發生。所以,請留意自己的駕駛技術,免得樂極生悲。

我們住的Mango Bay resort,非常接近大自然,所有住宿都是背靠樹林,面向大海,每一日都有靚到令你唔捨得走嘅日落。但係,咁接近大自然就自然會有好多機會見到蛇蟲鼠蟻。我地就見到蛇﹑青蛙﹑好大嘅壁虎(真係好大,正名好似係蛤蚧),有D置身National Geographic現場嘅感覺,好驚,但又好刺激。仲有,呢道未有你熟悉的大型五星酒店提供,如果你要high end的酒店服務,遲多幾年啦。但我反而覺得呢D resort就好有特色,可以一試。

May 112010


目的地係Phu Quoc,一個位於越南西南方的大島。朋友介紹話「水清沙幼,椰林樹影,世外桃園」。咁就要去見識吓啦。

從香港屋企出發到resort,一共用了八小時。一到埗就見到好藍嘅天,好綠嘅海,「嘩」咗出聲,正!我地嘅住宿,係bungalow,自己獨立一間茅廬,正!洗手間在外,類似花園的地方,正!再行五分鐘就到resort嘅私人沙灘,正!resort嘅restaurant向西,無敵sunset,正!洗完頭,海風吹乾D頭髮,雖然有D咸,但真係好正!唔洗出外,已經可以好舒服,正!真係有D世外桃園 feel 。


May 092010

This is my 5th or 6th visit to Vietnam in the past 12 years. For the past few times, I always stayed in Ho Chi Minh City, and I would say I didn’t have big problems accessing the internet. My last visit was four years ago and I only needed to check emails and surf for news. So, I didn’t encounter much problems back then.

This time around, I stayed in a resort on an island called Phu Quoc. There was free WiFi access in the resort. However, the speed was extremely slow, and the connectivity was very bad. I would go onto Yahoo! Hong Kong, and it would only load the main page successfully (after a good few minutes). The connection would then be terminated as soon as I tried to access the other pages on Yahoo!

To give you a better idea, I will give you a few examples. First, facebook is blocked in here (Yes! To many people, this is the end of the world). My access to Gmail was intermitten. I could not access google search Hong Kong. Every time I did a search, the results were all returned in Google Vietnam, all in Vietnamese, not much help there for me.

Frustrating it might be, the nice thing is that I HAVE TO enjoy the resort life in here with no other options. But I thought I would write a blog about this for everyone. The good thing is that I can still access my humble blog from here today. Hurray!